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Music Composition

Music is a universal language, a form of communication, that brings us closer together no matter where we are from. Quite often a single song can say more than a thousand words and bring messages and feelings across in the most direct way. Epic Mountain translates your ideas into soundtracks that fit your project 100% – synchronized to the visual and GEMA/ASCAP free. 

Sound Design

Can you imagine a world without sound? Neither can we. Sound is essential to evoke emotions, reflect moods and underscore actions. It is an indispensable part of videos, animations, apps or video games that would not be the same without a thought-out sound design. Epic Mountain creates the atmosphere that you are looking for – and turns your project into a holistic experience.

Voice Over

Sometimes a message is too detailed or complex to leave it solely to a visual explanation. In this case, you need a voice that represents your idea, product or concept to the fullest. A voice that is appealing to the listener and fits your project’s overall appearance. Epic Mountain offers experienced voice over artists that will turn your script into a memorable speech.  

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