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At first, we need to understand what you want. What mood are you aiming for?

Are there comparable songs that you like? Is the suspense level supposed to change? You can speed up the process by giving us detailed input and concrete ideas. 

After the briefing you usually receive a first preview within 1-2 working days, which contains the main melody and the prevailing mood.

This should give you an idea of what the final product is going to sound like and the opportunity to let us know if we are heading into the right direction. After the first preview we can rework the song or, if necessary, start all over again without charging you additional costs.

At this point we turn the preview into the final soundtrack and sync it with your visual material. Besides syncing, we can alter the music for single scenes or sections, so that both visual and audio work together throughout the entire project. This process takes roughly one day for every minute of the sound. If you like to be updated during the composing and production, we’ll gladly send you the latest versions. Once you are happy with the music, we master the final product to achieve the best sound quality possible.

Client briefing



Sit down, listen, ask questions.
Do, Re-Do until you are 100% happy.
Let's make it happen!
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